February Update

We don’t have full confirmation but thanks to map collector “mouseguide” for letting us know that DCA went back to the Avengers Campus cover from the beginning of 2021 with a code of DCA-020122-ENG which matches up to the current Disneyland code. I don’t believe Disneyland had any reason to change their map so it’s safe to assume these two guide maps will be out until the Food & Wine Festival starts March 4th. I will have scans and will update the lists as soon as I get a hold of the maps. With all the promotion of the trams returning even though it’s technically an amenity at the resort, I’m surprised we don’t have the trams on the covers. LOL. Happy Collecting.

Updated Estimated Schedule:

February 14th – March 3rd – Chewbacca and Avengers Campus – Code 020122

March 4th – April 26th – Food & Wine Festival on DCA and possibly a new cover on DL

April 27th – New Cover on DCA and possibly a new cover on DL

Keep in mind, the resort announced that Main Street Electrical Parade, Fantasmic and World of Color are all supposed to return soon but they have not provided dates. We could also see new maps at anytime featuring those returning shows.

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