Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters added to DCA Map – EDITED

I stopped by the parks last night.  Upon entry to DCA, I was shocked to see a new map (same Mater cover) but with a new code and on the inside, it now has the new Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters added in Cars Land in anticipation of it’s upcoming opening.

The new code is DCA-011916-ENG.  Here are some pictures of the inside and new code of the sole map I grabbed when I went in.  I folded it so I do not have a good full scan of the inside yet.

I grabbed a stack of maps when I was leaving only to find out when I got home they are the old DCA-010716-ENG maps without the new ride so make sure to pay attention to what map you grab when collecting! 🙂

EDIT:  It looks like all traces of this map has been removed from the park.  It was also never uploaded to the official site.

Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You!

Happy New Year!!!  2016 is here and we got new maps today!  Needless to say with the hoopla that is Star Wars, we got a new Star Wars cover on the Disneyland map featuring the one and only Chewbacca!  DCA is also doing a little bit of a Star Wars shout-out with Mater featured in front of a star filled sky.   I’m not sure how long these maps will last as a good majority of attractions will be closing this Sunday at both parks to make way for the construction of the new Star Wars Land.  We’ll see come Monday if these maps are still being used.  Happy Collecting!

Here are scans of the inside:   Disneyland and DCA

Codes on these new maps are DLP-010716-ENG and DCA-010716-ENG