New DCA Map!!!

A new DCA map was released yesterday.   Same Mater cover but now with a yellow bar across the top instead of the light purple.  Changes inside include the removal of any reference to the Mad T Party along with the replacing of the Frozen singalong in the old Muppet Theater with something called “Sunset Showcase.”  Does anyone have any idea what that is?

The codes are DLP-040316-ENG & DCA-041816-ENG

New “Buena Vista Bugle” – Spring 2016

A new “Buena Vista Bugle” was released two weeks ago that includes some articles about the Spring activities within the park including the “Food & Wine Festival” that made a return to the park this year.  This edition is Spring 2016 – Volume 5, Issue 3.

I also modified the Bugle section of the blog to include a special variant copy of Summer 2015’s “Volume 4, Issue 3” where the park changed the cover image to be an actual picture of the Carthay Theater decked out in it’s 60th best instead of a concept art picture which what was originally printed. (Thank you Chris for bringing this variant copy to be attention)

Also, added Volume 5, Issue 2 which was only available one day on February 12th, 2016 for DCA’s 15th Anniversary.

Disneyland has gone to the Darkside!

After three months of the Chewbacca maps, Disneyland has changed tides and went to the darkside.  New maps came out earlier this week that now feature a Stormtropper on the cover.  DCA maps stayed the same but I expect a change soon to remove all Mad T party references.  Not much changed on this inside at Disneyland.  I noticed that  Super Hero HQ was removed and Autopia now features the new paint scheme and “Presented by Honda” in ride description.

The codes are DLP-040316-ENG & DCA-011916-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA