HalloweenTime Maps!!!

Well, that was quick.  The last maps were only out three days as the HalloweenTime maps came out today.  Disneyland again went with the same cover they’ve been using for years.  Can we get something different?  Perhaps the large Mickey pumpkin with the castle in the background?  DCA instead switched it up and decided to promote the goodbye of Tower of Terror in it’s current glory before being remolded to a Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction in early 2017.  I’m assuming these maps will stick around until the HalloweenTime events ends at the end of October.

Codes are DLP-090616-ENG and No Code

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

New Maps Finally! Chewbacca & Soarin’

Well the 60th Anniversary Celebration finally ended yesterday which means we finally get new maps.  The first ones since June and it seems like it has been forever since I updated this site.  Disneyland went back to the Chewbacca cover from the beginning of 2016 while DCA decided to feature the new Soarin’ on the cover.  Please note, these maps will probably only be available today (Tuesday, Sep 6th) through Thursday (Sep 8th) as the parks should release the HalloweenTime maps this Friday when the event officially kicks off!

Codes are DLP-090616-ENG and DCA-090616-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA