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Disneyland Maps?  You mean those paper maps you grab at the gate, fold up, stick in your pocket and end up throwing away at the end of the day.  No, not me!  I love them and collect them!  I know there are probably cooler Disney items to collect.  Pins?  Dolls?  Stuffed Animals?  Mickey Ears?  No, I collect the ultimate free souvenir that you can always go back to.  As Walt wanted it, Disneyland will always change and grow, so to have these mementos and see what came before is awesome.  I started collecting about 20 years ago and continue to this day, I’m constantly checking to see if the parks release a new map and I’m always looking for other collectors who hopefully have the same obsession that are willing to trade and share their collection.

I want to share my collection with everyone in hopes this becomes a community where everyone can connect, trade or just admire the maps of the past.

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As you can imagine, it’s hard to collect all the maps especially when the parks produced weekly / bi-weekly maps.  Perhaps you can help with my collection.  Do you have extras? Do you have a box of them you no longer want?  Do you want to trade?  Please see my list of maps I’m missing and let’s talk (email me at

List of Maps I’m Missing

I’ve had several requests to add a section for the popular “Buena Vista Bugle” newspapers that were once available at Disney California Adventure.  To view the complete list, check out the Buena Vista Bugles page

Buena Vista Bugles

Also, just scroll down and I will post updates and my thoughts on the new Maps as they’re released!

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Halloween Time is Here!!!

Halloween Time arrived to the Disneyland Resort today and with that, we get new maps. Disneyland features the famous Main Street Mickey Pumpkin while the DCA map celebrates the COCO Festival show. I love both pictures but really wished they didn’t bring back the color bars at the top and the bottom. The full picture maps we’ve been getting the past couple months have been really slick looking. But happy to receive maps anyways. Happy Collecting!

Codes are: DLP-090321-ENG & DCA 090321-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

These maps should be out until November 1st.

Estimated Upcoming Map Release Schedule:

Sep 3rd – Oct 31st – HalloweenTime Maps

Nov 1st – Nov 11th – November Bridge Maps

Nov 12th – Jan 6th – Holiday Time Maps

New Maps, Same Covers, Updated Codes!

Looks like we got some new maps. Same covers, updated codes and some minor changes on the inside including an update on the COVID regulations and the return of the remaining attractions that have been closed. Also, looks like the added some Wifi Hotspots through out the park. Happy Collecting!

Codes are DLP-070121-ENG & DCA 070121-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

Avengers Campus is Here!!!

Avengers Campus is here and with that we have new maps for both parks. Disneyland has the same cover but features a new code in the bottom corner.

Noted changes within the Disneyland map include: New name on nametag, new food featured in the mobile ordering ad, Merchandise mobile checkout added to mobile checkout section and they moved some pet service icons around on the actual map.

Codes are DLP-060421-ENG & DCA 060421-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

I don’t normally feature the special area maps but it there is a special Avengers Campus guide and an opening day map like they did with Star Wars Galaxys Edge.

Sneak Peek of the new DCA Avengers Campus Map

Get a sneak peek of the new DCA map that will debut with the opening of Avengers Campus on June 4th.

More info here:

They will also have a Recruiter’s Guide for the new land, check it out here:

Welcome Home! New Maps are Here!

FINALLY!!! The parks are open and we got new re-designed maps to celebrate. I love the simplicity and the fact they lost the color bars across the front top. The ads on the back are now replaced with COVID warnings. These came out on Friday, April 30th and I assume will be around until June 3rd as Avengers Campus will open at DCA on June 4th.

Codes are DLP-043021-ENG & DCA 043021-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

Magic Happens and Food & Wine Maps

2020-02-28 Covers

The brand new parade debuted at Disneyland and the Food & Wine Festival debuted at DCA so with that, we get new maps!  I’m liking the new refreshed covers.  Not the blah Food & Wine Festival logo cover like prior years.

Codes are DLP-022820-ENG & DCA-022820-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

-June-ish or when Marvel Land opens: Summer Maps

New February Bridge Maps (Official Update)

2020-02-10 Covers-

We have two new maps.  Disneyland kept the same Rise of the Resistance cover but the code changed to 021020.  The only change I see on the inside is new food and rides advertised on the main flap and they updated the informational section with a blurb about plant based food products.  DCA went with the Pixar Pier loop again.  Same changes with new food and rides featured on the inside flap and updated plant based food blurb.  DCA also added a blurb on the inside of the map about Alfresco Tasting Terrace featuring the “Disney Family of Wines” and appetizers.   These maps should be out until February 27th.  Happy Collecting.

Codes are DLP-021020-ENG and DCA-021020-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

New Maps!

2020-02-10 Covers

Sorry, I was waiting until I got the official scans to post but they’re lagging on uploading them so I will do a quick post to let everyone know there are new maps.  Disneyland kept the same Rise of the Resistance cover but the code changed to 021020 so something must have changed on the inside.  DCA went with the Pixar Pier loop again but the surrounding color and tint is orange now instead of the red from last year.  These should be out until February 27th.  Happy Collecting.  I’ll update the lists once I receive official scans.

Codes are DLP-021020-ENG and DCA-021020-ENG

Thanks to @heartdisney10 on Twitter and James from our Facebook group for providing these pictures

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)