HolidayTime is here!!!

HolidayTime at the Resort is here and we got some new maps. Disneyland features an updated picture of the snow covered Castle while DCA features dancers from the Festival of Holidays street show. I got to say, not a big fan of the DCA cover. Just seems like a poorly aimed shot to choose to be a cover of a map. For those who collect the other guides; there is a Festival of Holidays taste passport with a small map included inside and there is also a Downtown Disney Holiday shopping map. I’m assuming these maps will stick through the whole HolidayTime season which ends on January 8th, 2023. Fingers cross we get some awesome 100 years of Wonder maps when that celebration begins on January 27th.

Codes are DLP-111122 ENG & DCA-111122-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland and DCA

We got November Bridge Maps

I almost didn’t think it was going to happen because the Halloween Time maps probably could have lasted us through to the HolidayTime starts but the resort shocked me and released some November bridge maps. They will only be out until November 10th as the HolidayTime celebrations starts on the 11th which will bring us new maps. We got some simple character cover maps this time around as Disneyland’s map features Minnie on the cover and DCA features Iron Man. Finding Nemo submarines finally got added back as a ride within the Disneyland map and both maps now feature an ad for the newly added MagicBand+ service. Happy Collecting.

Codes are DLP-110122 ENG & DCA-110122-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland and DCA