Summer Maps are Here!!!

We got a new Disneyland map on Saturday featuring a new Fantasmic cover. I don’t see any changes on the inside other than they changed the shaded gray ground color a little in Toon Town. The link on the official website show these as 6/18 to 9/1 so I suspect these will last the whole summer. Happy Collecting!

Codes are DLP-061822 ENG & DCA-052822-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland and DCA

New May Maps – Same Cover – Different Code

We received new maps for each park on May 28th. They are the same Electrical Parade and World of Color covers but with new 052822 codes. The main change I can see are expanded details on the inside flap for the Genie and Genie+ services. For Disneyland, there are also new food offerings on the inside flap. For DCA, they also changed the nametag name from Kasie to Mike and the sponsorship of Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters from Alamo to Enterprise.

I noticed in the web url they used on the official website, they coded this map as 5/28-6/17. So hopefully, we’ll see some new maps on June 18th. Happy Collecting!

Codes are DLP-052822 ENG & DCA-052822-ENG

Inside Scans: Disneyland and DCA