Summer of Heroes is Here!!!

Finally!  We got some new maps!  Summer of Heroes officially begins tomorrow but it looks like they released the new maps one day early.  We got a Guardians of the Galaxy cover for DCA which looks great!

Some notes:

  • Disneyland kept the same color but changed the color bar at the top
  • They show the Frontier land trail open so hopefully that is a good sign that it’s actually opening soon.
  • The train still shows returns 2017.
  • Regular Space Mountain is back.
  • I just noticed they removed the canoes as an attraction from the map
  • Matterhorn and Toy Story Mania finally has the fastpass logo

I see a code on the Disneyland map which is DLP-052717-ENG but I can’t seem to read or locate a code on the DCA map.  Will have to wait until I get an actual physical copy.

Inside Scans: Disneyland & DCA

All quiet on the western front…

Sorry, I know the blog has been quiet lately but that is only because we haven’t had new maps.  It seems like this is the longest we’ve gone in between some sort of update.  I thought for sure when they added FastPass to Matterhorn and Toy Story Mania, we would at least get a change on the inside and perhaps some sort of new cover but nothing.  At least we know for sure we’ll get new map(s) on May 27th when the Guardians of the Galaxy remodel of Tower of Terror finally opens to the public.  Stay tuned…