Rise of the Resistance is Here (Also Lunar New Year)

2020-01-17 Covers

Rise of the Resistance opened to insane crowds today and I heard the boarding passes filled up within 5 minutes.  With the new ride, we get a new map with the AT-AT encounter on the cover.  Looks nice!  Also, Lunar New Year Celebration started today in DCA and we FINALLY got maps that don’t have the same Mulan cartoon on the cover like the past several years.  We now get Mickey & Minnie in their Lunar New Year garb.  These maps should be out until February 9th so get them now.  The beginning of the year is always busy for us map collectors.

Codes are DLP-111720-ENG & DCA-011720-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Feb 10: Bridge Map between Lunar New Year and Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

First Maps of 2020

2020-01-07 Covers

Happy 2020 and welcome to a new decade of Disneyland Resort Guide Maps.  New maps came out on January 7th since the HolidayTime maps ended on January 6th.  Disneyland features a new Chewbacca in Galaxys Edge cover while DCA features a new Groot in front of Guardians of the Galaxy cover.  The Disneyland map contains the Rise of the Resistance logo in the Galaxys Edge section with the opening date noted.  These maps should be out until January 16th at which time we’ll get some sort of Rise of the Resistance Map for DL and a Lunar New Year map for DCA (please not Mulan again).  Happy Collecting!

Codes are DLP-110120-ENG & DCA-010720-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA


Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Jan 17: Rise of the Resistance Opens (Disneyland)

-Jan 17: Lunar New Year (DCA)

-Feb 10: Bridge Map between Lunar New Year and Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

No New Years Eve Maps or even Entertainment Guides this year

Annotation 2019-12-31 104858

Just a heads up, the decline of New Years Eve guide maps goes even further.  Back from the late 90s to 2012, the parks would actually produced a special one night guide map for New Years Eve.  After 2012, they declined down to just having the normal holiday maps out and then doing a special one night only entertainment guide.  Well, now just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower.  This year, they kept the normal holiday maps out, the normal entertainment guides out and now produced a one sided cheap tips paper (see picture).  When I tweeted Disneyland to ask if they released a special map or even a special entertainment guide, they replied with some long worded response of trying to get me to use the app instead.  Sadly, the days of Disneyland Guide Maps ending seems to be coming sooner and sooner which is sad because they are the only Disney Parks in the world that seems to hate producing them or puts the least amount of effort into designing them.  Happy New Year everyone and Happy Collecting!


HolidayTime 2019 maps are here!


The new HolidayTime maps were released yesterday.  Although I feel they look like pictures from prior year maps at a slightly different angle, I do like the addition of the accent shapes in the background of the plain colored areas.  Adds some character.  These should be out until January 6th when the HolidayTime celebration ends.

Codes are DLP-110819-ENG & DCA-110819-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Jan 7: Christmas Over (Disneyland & DCA)

-Jan 17: Rise of the Resistance Opens (Disneyland)

-Jan 17-Feb 9: Lunar New Year (DCA)

-Feb 28-Apr 21: Food & Wine (DCA)

November Bridge Maps

2019-11-01 Covers

The November Bridge Maps came out today and will be out until November 7th at which time we’ll get the next set of HolidayTime Maps.  I dig the covers.  The Disneyland map has the same overused Haunted Mansion Holiday picture but now with some eyes all over it.  The DCA has a cool Captain Marvel cover.  Get these maps now as they’ll only be out for 7 days.  Codes are DLP-110119-ENG & DCA-110119-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA



Oogie Boogie Bash 2019

2019-09-17 OBB Cover

Here’s the Oogie Boogie Bash Map which is the new Halloween Party taking place at DCA.  This party replaces the Mickey’s Halloween Treat which used to take place at Disneyland.  This is a very hard map to get your hands on as they only hand them out after you enter the gate and they’re handing them out only 1 per person.  Happy Collecting.

Code is: DCA-091719-OBB  Inside Scan:  Oogie Boogie Bash

HalloweenTime Maps are Here!

2019-09-06 Covers

The HalloweenTime maps came out today and the designs covers are finally new images.  Disneyland features Mickey & Minnie in front of the Main Street Pumpkin while DCA features the Coco Festival.  Codes are DLP-090619-ENG & DCA-090619-ENG.  I’m assuming these should be out until HalloweenTime ends on October 31st.  Then we’ll get the November bridge maps until HolidayTime maps come out on November 8th.

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

New DCA Bridge Map

2019-09-03 Covers

DCA released a bridge map featuring the new Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind on the cover.  Looks nice!  This map will only be out for 3 days as the HalloweenTime maps will be out on Friday!  Codes are DLP-071119-ENG & DCA-090319-ENG.

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

Minor Disneyland Change and Next Week!


So, to my surprise, there was a small minor change in the Disneyland map over the Summer.  It seems on July 11th, they updated the Disneyland Map.  The main change is the renaming of Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain and it looks like they changed one of the noted items in the inside flap.  I have updated the listing.  Code is DLP-071119-ENG. Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Next week should be interesting.  Most of the main entertainment ends on Monday, September 2nd including Tale of the Lion King which means we could possible get a bridge map for Tuesday, September 3rd through Thursday, September 5th leading into the new HalloweenTime Maps which should be out Friday, September 6th.

Disneyland Change?

I just found out that Disneyland has a new code on their map DLR-071119-ENG that I missed.  I haven’t seen the map in person so I’m not sure what changed inside but it’s the same Millennium Falcon cockpit cover.  Anyone got one of these yet? Pic Below.

Also, the Lion King show is due to end September 2nd which is currently on the DCA cover but Halloween Time doesn’t start to September 6th so we may get a bridge map in between there.  Keep an eye out.


(thanks to my friend Kristin for the pic)