Still no new maps!

As of today, Disneyland has yet to change their maps to reflect the change from Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain.  As this point, I think it’s safe to assume the maps won’t change until late June when the Pixar Pier is due to open in DCA.  It’s odd because the parks have changed the maps in the past for much smaller items/events.

***As always, I spoke too soon. Right after I posted this, I see a tweet from Disneyland that Hyperspace Mountain is ending June 3rd and it’s back to the normal Space Mountain. That explains why we haven’t gotten a new map.***

New Maps?

Has anyone been to the parks lately?  HyperSpace Mountain made it’s return over two weeks ago and I’m curious if they updated the Disneyland map to reflect that.  The PixarFest maps that came out in April have Space Mountain listed.

Pixar Fest Maps are Here!!!

2018-04-13 Covers

Pixar Fest is here!!!  I’m liking the new maps – clean, simple and fun!  I’ve heard they have these same images on banners in the esplanade between the parks and they also have some more with other Pixar movies so I will guess we may see come cover switch-outs over the summer party.  Perhaps, Incredibles when the revamped California Screaming opens and the sequel hits the movie screens.

Codes are: DLP-041318-ENG & DCA041318-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

The Chewbacca Map Mystery

2018-03-16 Covers-Chew

So, I got some more information on the Chewbacca Map Mystery.  One day only on Sunday, March 18th Disneyland put out a Chewbacca cover map with the updated interior ads and the new code of DLP-031618-ENG.  Then strangely, the very next day, the park went back to the Pretzel Girl cover with the newly updated code and interior ads.  So, it seems we have a one day map and the reasoning behind it we may never know.  If you got your hands on one, congrats!

Thank you so much to blog follower Daniel for bringing this to our attention!

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Codes are: DLP-031618-ENG & DCA-031618-ENG

Pretzel Girl is here to stay…

2018-03-16 Covers

I’m so confused…the parks are just messing with us collectors now.  It seems that Disneyland is now handing out a Pretzel girl map with a code of 031618 that has a mention in the front cover ads for the Food & Wine Festival and a couple other minor changes.  So, I’m going to go ahead and say these are the official maps for the time being until April 13th which is when Pixar Fest is set to begin and the Food & Wine Festival ends.

The mystery of the one day Chewbacca maps is still waiting to be solved…stay tuned.

Codes are: DLP-031618-ENG & DCA-031618-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Food & Wine Festival Correction

2018-03-16 Covers

Well, it seems I spoke too soon.  After my post yesterday, it was brought to my attention that DCA actually just released on Friday (03/16) a new map with a grape covered Food & Wine Festival cover.  Also, it seems like we have a Chewbacca cover map coming back soon to Disneyland.  A follower of my blog (thank you Daniel) was able to obtain a Chewbacca cover map with the code 031618 as well (pictured below) yesterday (03/19) but other followers of the blog who visited the park today (03/20) reported that the park is still handing out the Pretzel map. So, something to look forward to.

Codes are:  DLP-010818-ENG & DCA-031618-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA