November 2015 Maps (First Two Weeks)

I love these new maps!!!    Since these November maps are only out for 2 weeks and mainly just issued as a bridge from the Halloween Maps to the Holiday Maps, the Resort normally just pulls some old generic images of a ride from their archives.  This time they went above and beyond.  These covers should have been the maps this Summer.  These covers are much more visually appealing than the Cars Truck.  Kudos to Disney for some awesome maps for this short time period.

Now this question, since the new Stars Wars event opens November 16th which is around the same time the Holiday offerings comes out (November 13th), will we see a Stars Wars Cover or a Generic Holiday Cover on the Disneyland Map?  We’ll see soon…

They are also finally back to the normal map coding. Codes on these new maps are DLP-110215-ENG and DCA-110215-ENG

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