Food & Wine Festival Correction

2018-03-16 Covers

Well, it seems I spoke too soon.  After my post yesterday, it was brought to my attention that DCA actually just released on Friday (03/16) a new map with a grape covered Food & Wine Festival cover.  Also, it seems like we have a Chewbacca cover map coming back soon to Disneyland.  A follower of my blog (thank you Daniel) was able to obtain a Chewbacca cover map with the code 031618 as well (pictured below) yesterday (03/19) but other followers of the blog who visited the park today (03/20) reported that the park is still handing out the Pretzel map. So, something to look forward to.

Codes are:  DLP-010818-ENG & DCA-031618-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA


One thought on “Food & Wine Festival Correction

  1. The Disneyland pretzel map has been updated; with the code DLP-031618-ENG.
    Noticeable changes can be seen on the pages titled ‘Disney Magic you won’t want to miss!’ and ‘Park Rules’. The revised map is available as PDF on the parks website.


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