January 2019 Maps and Timeline Update – Inside Scans Added

2019-01-07 covers

Inside scans have been added to the site.

Codes are: DLP-010719-ENG & DCA-010719-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

In a interesting note, on the Disneyland website in the coding of the link to the maps show them labeled as 01-07 – 01-24.  So, my theory of having new maps on the 18th for the debut of Mickey’s Mix Magic nighttime show is blown.  I’m guessing they will just now update the paper show guides instead.

Based on this finding, here is my updated guess of a timeline for new maps:

January 7th – January 24th – Current Train & Pixar Pier Maps

January 25th – February 17th – Both Parks update maps to reflect the return of the Soundsational Parade at Disneyland and the Lunar New Years’ Event at DCA (Lunar New Year ends Feb 17th).

February 18th – February 28th – Both Parks update maps to no longer reflect the Lunar New Year Event.

March 1st – April 23rd – Both Parks update maps to reflect the Food & Wine Festival Event at DCA.

Happy Collecting!

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