January Maps – Scans Added & Timeline Confirmation

Here are the scans for the new maps that came out on January 25th.

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

The Maps listings have also been updated.  The link on the official site show the date range on these maps as 01/25-02/17 so my timeline seems to be fitting so far:

January 7th – January 24th – Train & Pixar Pier Maps

January 25th – February 17th – Both Parks update maps to reflect Get Your Ears On official kickoff at Disneyland and the Lunar New Years’ Event at DCA (Lunar New Year ends Feb 17th).

February 18th – February 28th – DCA updates map to no longer reflect the Lunar New Year Event. (Possible change to Disneyland too?)

March 1st – April 23rd – DCA updates map to reflect the Food & Wine Festival Event at DCA. (Possible change to Disneyland too?)

2019-01-25 covers-2

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