April Bridge Map to May Rule Changes


Ok, I believe I have clarification.  This new DCA map was released to reflect the opening of the PhilarMagic show at DCA today.  It’s meant to bridge the end of the Food & Wine Festival map and the new maps I shared a couple days ago which are due to be released May 1st.  The new May 1st maps will be the first to reflect and state the new Disney Parks rules which go in effect that day of no longer smoking in the parks (the smoking area symbols are now gone) and the size restriction of strollers.  So, expect these bridge maps to be out until Tuesday, April 30th and the new Mickey Parade Float and Donald cover maps to be released Wednesday, May 1st.

The codes on these bridge maps are: DLP-030119-ENG & DCA-0402219-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

Happy Collecting.

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