No New Years Eve Maps or even Entertainment Guides this year

Annotation 2019-12-31 104858

Just a heads up, the decline of New Years Eve guide maps goes even further.  Back from the late 90s to 2012, the parks would actually produced a special one night guide map for New Years Eve.  After 2012, they declined down to just having the normal holiday maps out and then doing a special one night only entertainment guide.  Well, now just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower.  This year, they kept the normal holiday maps out, the normal entertainment guides out and now produced a one sided cheap tips paper (see picture).  When I tweeted Disneyland to ask if they released a special map or even a special entertainment guide, they replied with some long worded response of trying to get me to use the app instead.  Sadly, the days of Disneyland Guide Maps ending seems to be coming sooner and sooner which is sad because they are the only Disney Parks in the world that seems to hate producing them or puts the least amount of effort into designing them.  Happy New Year everyone and Happy Collecting!


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