May Maps now out!

2019-04-24 Covers

Just a reminder, these new May maps are out with the new rule changes included inside.  This should be our last Disneyland map before it becomes Star Wars everything for what I’m sure will be years to come.   I’m hoping the Star Wars covers will at least be nice scenic shots of the land and not just Kylo Ren on the cover.  Fingers crossed.

Codes are DLR-050119-ENG and DCA-050119-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

Happy Collecting!

More Updates & Changes

2019-04-27 Covers

They just keep changing it on us.  I visited Downtown Disney and noticed the Monorail station had no maps out at all for Disneyland which I found puzzling.  I  walked down to the gate to find the May 1st – Mickey Parade Float maps were already out.  It seems they have been busy and ran out of the Mickey Mix Magic cover maps and went ahead and released the May 1st map early.  This new map features the new rules that go in effect May 1st of no longer being able to smoke in the parks and no large strollers.  The Pixar Pal-A-Round maps are still out at DCA so I’m going to go ahead and declare the two maps above the April 27th – April 30th Maps.

Codes are DLP-050119-ENG & DCA-042219-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

April Bridge Map to May Rule Changes


Ok, I believe I have clarification.  This new DCA map was released to reflect the opening of the PhilarMagic show at DCA today.  It’s meant to bridge the end of the Food & Wine Festival map and the new maps I shared a couple days ago which are due to be released May 1st.  The new May 1st maps will be the first to reflect and state the new Disney Parks rules which go in effect that day of no longer smoking in the parks (the smoking area symbols are now gone) and the size restriction of strollers.  So, expect these bridge maps to be out until Tuesday, April 30th and the new Mickey Parade Float and Donald cover maps to be released Wednesday, May 1st.

The codes on these bridge maps are: DLP-030119-ENG & DCA-0402219-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

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April to May Bridge Map or Maps?

D4yeHu5WAAkrfpz.jpg large

Thank you to on Twitter, it now seems DCA released a new map on Sunday 04/22 featuring a very odd choice – the backside of the Pixar Pal-a-Round wheel.  I get wanting to get the sign in the picture, but couldn’t they use photoshop to flip the wheel around and show the Mickey side on the map.  Why show the ugly backside?

Disneyland stayed the same with the Mickey’s Mix Magic cover.

Now this brings up more questions.  How long are these out for?  Are they out to 5/1 which are the dates of the new maps I posted yesterday?  I’m hearing Philarmagic may open Friday which is 04/26.  Could these maps be out for only a couple days?  If anyone knows more info, please share.  I will post more as I hear.  Happy Collecting!

New Maps for May or Now?

2019-04-24 Covers

DLR updated their website with new maps but are these maps going to come out tomorrow or May 1st?  Disneyland has the new Mickey Parade float on the cover while DCA has Mickey’s PhilharMagic image on the cover and also has it listed as an attraction on the inside.  It was announced that the PhilharMagic show will be coming to DCA in April but I  have yet to hear an official announcement of it opening.  Also, it’s odd that the codes are 050119-ENG.  Lately, the code has actually lined up with the date the map came out.

So, one of two things is happening:

  • The plan is to open Mickey’s PhilharMagic on May 1st and they didn’t want to make filler maps for between when the Food & Wine Festival ended (04/23) and then so they’re just or going to release the map now even though the attraction hasn’t opened yet.   Or…
  • There is a filler map that is coming out tomorrow and they don’t want to bother to upload the filler map to the website for only a week so they just went ahead and uploaded these maps.

I plan to head to the parks on Saturday so I will know for sure then if I don’t hear anything prior.

These maps should be around until Star Wars opens at the end of May.

Codes are DLR-050119-ENG and DCA-050119-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA



New Maps?

Just curious, has anyone been to the parks lately.   It was quietly announced that Jessie’s Critter Carousel opened over the weekend so did they update the map to reflect that?  The March DCA map had the attraction listed but has “Coming Soon” written where the description should be.  If you see a new map, please let me know.

New March Maps


Since the Food & Wine Festival at DCA kicks off today, we got some new maps!   Other than the recycled Lunar New Year Map, I’m really loving the covers this year.  They’re all original and all fun.  Disneyland features the Mickey Mix Magic Show and the DCA features a family enjoying the Food & Wine Festival.  I’m assuming these will be around until April 23rd when the Festival ends.   Happy Collecting!

Codes are DLP-030119-ENG & DCA-030119-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA


New February Maps

2019-02-18 Covers

Now that the Lunar New Year celebration ended yesterday, we got some new maps today and I’m happy to see some new original covers.  Disneyland features the original lead float from the Soundsational Parade and DCA features a daytime shot of Guardians of the Galaxy.

These maps should only be out for the next two weeks as we should receive at least a new DCA map reflecting the “Food & Wine Festival” on March 1st.

Codes are DLP-021819-ENG and DCA-021819-ENG

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

Happy Collecting!

January Maps – Scans Added & Timeline Confirmation

Here are the scans for the new maps that came out on January 25th.

Inside Scans:   Disneyland & DCA

The Maps listings have also been updated.  The link on the official site show the date range on these maps as 01/25-02/17 so my timeline seems to be fitting so far:

January 7th – January 24th – Train & Pixar Pier Maps

January 25th – February 17th – Both Parks update maps to reflect Get Your Ears On official kickoff at Disneyland and the Lunar New Years’ Event at DCA (Lunar New Year ends Feb 17th).

February 18th – February 28th – DCA updates map to no longer reflect the Lunar New Year Event. (Possible change to Disneyland too?)

March 1st – April 23rd – DCA updates map to reflect the Food & Wine Festival Event at DCA. (Possible change to Disneyland too?)

2019-01-25 covers-2

New Get Your Ears On & Lunar New Year Maps

2019-01-25 covers

New maps are out today reflecting the “Get Your Ears On” celebration on the Disneyland map along with “Lunar New Year” on DCA’s map.  I love the Disneyland cover even though I read online it’s a picture from the WDW parade.  The DCA map is sadly the same exact cover from last year.  I was hoping for something new.

Codes are: DLP-012519-ENG and DCA-012519-ENG

I’ll upload the inside scans once I receive them.  These maps should be around until February 18th which is the day after the Lunar New Year celebration ends.

Happy Collecting!

Thank you to @touringplans on Twitter for the pictures.