Rise of the Resistance is Here (Also Lunar New Year)

2020-01-17 Covers

Rise of the Resistance opened to insane crowds today and I heard the boarding passes filled up within 5 minutes.  With the new ride, we get a new map with the AT-AT encounter on the cover.  Looks nice!  Also, Lunar New Year Celebration started today in DCA and we FINALLY got maps that don’t have the same Mulan cartoon on the cover like the past several years.  We now get Mickey & Minnie in their Lunar New Year garb.  These maps should be out until February 9th so get them now.  The beginning of the year is always busy for us map collectors.

Codes are DLP-111720-ENG & DCA-011720-ENG

Inside Scans:  Disneyland & DCA

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Feb 10: Bridge Map between Lunar New Year and Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

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