New Maps!

2020-02-10 Covers

Sorry, I was waiting until I got the official scans to post but they’re lagging on uploading them so I will do a quick post to let everyone know there are new maps.  Disneyland kept the same Rise of the Resistance cover but the code changed to 021020 so something must have changed on the inside.  DCA went with the Pixar Pier loop again but the surrounding color and tint is orange now instead of the red from last year.  These should be out until February 27th.  Happy Collecting.  I’ll update the lists once I receive official scans.

Codes are DLP-021020-ENG and DCA-021020-ENG

Thanks to @heartdisney10 on Twitter and James from our Facebook group for providing these pictures

Estimated schedule of upcoming maps:

-Feb 28: “Magic Happens” Parade (Disneyland)

-Feb 28: Food & Wine Festival (DCA)

-Apr 22: New Map after Food & Wine (DCA)

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